Programa Highlights 2021

Dia 05/11/2021 (sexta-feira)

Das 17h00 às 19h00

Temas abordados:

Brain Monitoring in the preterm population – what information can we get?

Birth Asphyxia and HIE in the preterm infant

Imaging of the Preterm Neonatal Brain

Bacterial and Viral Infections in the Preterm

Potential use of AI in clinical management of the preterm infant

Dia 06/11/2021 (sábado)

Das 10h00 às 12h00

Temas abordados:

Minimal handling and neurodevelopmental care

Prevention of IVH and treatment of posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus

Hemodynamic instability, PPHN and PDA impact in the Brain

Gut-Brain Axys

Lung Brain Axys

Episodes of apnea, bradycardia and desaturations and the preterm brain: what is known and future directions